Trick or Treat – Snappic Animated GIF Overlays

AUD$20.00 AUD$10.00

Animated GIFs made easy for Snappic iPad based software, we include the ‘overlays’ for you to drag and drop straight into the Snappic dashboard.  We include the following:

  • 15 x overlays/frames (.png files) – Square 1600×1600 layout
  • 15 x overlays/frames (.png files) – Portrait Open 1280×1920 layout
  • PSD. fully layered files (use for other popular booth software)
  • Halloween themed iPad branding for 9.7″ and 12″ iPads
  • Sample previews


With the growing popularity of iPad based photobooths, we’ve made creating animated GIFs easy for Snappic users.  Simply ‘drag & drop’ the overlays (png. files) straight into the Snappic dashboard.  We include 2 x different layouts (portrait open 1280×1920 and square 1600×1600).  We also include a halloween themed iPad branded start screen for both 9.7″ and 12″ iPads.  A fully layered Photoshop file (psd. file) is also included for the extra customisation and so that you can create different sizes to suit different Photobooth software.